Nipple Tattoos

We do nipple areola tattoos for free.

Mastectomy Tattoos

Nipple and areola repigmentation (tattooing) is a common part of breast reconstruction for patients post mastectomy due to breast cancer or getting a prophylactic mastectomy due to testing positive for a breast cancer gene. Mastectomies are performed on both men and women, and typically require removing the natural nipple and areola to either prevent or remove existing cancer tissue(s) from expanding.

Why have a tattoo artist do the areola/3D nipple rather than my doctor? Some doctors do fine tattoo work. However, while surgeons are specially trained to surgically create breasts, most are not trained in tattoo procedures, color theory, and how to create a 3 dimensional illusion on a 2 dimensional surface. A tattoo artist generally has an art backround and training, as well as experience in 3D work.

The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) of 1998 requires insurance to cover the cost of mastectomies and all breast reconstruction, generally areola and 3D tattoo is covered when done in doctor’s offices, but more clients are requesting their insurance cover the procedure done by a tattoo artist. However, insurance companies are a bit behind the times on this. At Golden Yeti, we want to eliminate the need for any more stress. Our way of helping is by offering our mastectomy tattoo services completely free of charge.

Our goal is to help restore a more positive self image. We offer realistic, natural nipple and areola re-pigmentation. We work with you to find the right look through various shapes, sizes, and colorings. This can be done in conjunction with surgical nipple reconstruction or if there is no nipple, a 3 dimensional nipple can be created with light and shadow to give the “illusion of protrusion”. Successful nipple tattoos give you back a completely natural appearance in the mirror and helps bring back your confidence when undressed, whether that be alone or with your partner.

Unlike normal medical procedures you are more than welcome to have fun during the process. Want to bring a friend? Bring 'em along. Please do not be afraid to ask anything. We are a tattoo shop, you aren't going to offend us! Please do not be scared of the weird tattoo guys. We have homes and wives and kids and all the usual life stuff, just perhaps with a bit more color.

All we ask is that you wear comfortable clothing including a shirt, sweater, or hoodie that opens in the front and that is ok if pigment gets on it.